Senior Spotlight: Tori Tinsley

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Join us in honoring the Class of 2020 as we celebrate their time at Cambridge which represents a culmination of hard work and dedication. We are so excited to see what the future holds for our graduating students who have been educated to think well, love rightly and live wisely. Send them your encouragement and support in the comments below, and share your congratulations with the Class of 2020 on their Kudoboard link.

Meet Tori Tinsley. She began her Cambridge journey as a wide-eyed sixth grader and we are so grateful that she did! She has been heavily involved in House, Debate and even started our school magazine. She is headed to Princeton University in the fall and we wish her all the best. 

What has been your favorite subject to study at Cambridge? Why?

I love that Cambridge offers Greek and Latin. I like the idea of translating ancient texts and practically bringing the dead language of the Greeks and Romans back to life. In Latin, Mr. Hamilton has had us translate Vergil’s “Aeneid,” Cicero’s “De Amicitia” and Catullus’ romantic works of poetry. I always liked Latin but I think I’m liking Greek even more. With Greek, I feel like some of my artistic skills are put to use, as I compose in the ancient Greek alphabet and practice Greek phonics. Latin and Greek have been beneficial in enhancing my understanding of the English language, Greco-Roman cultures, and mythology, which I love.

What do you appreciate the most about your Cambridge education? 

I appreciate Cambridge’s classical liberal arts education. I believe the benefits of a liberal arts education are innumerable, many of which I have reaped these four years of high school and will continue to reap as I transcend into adulthood. Because I’ve attended a classical Christian school, I can speak to the liberating nature of a truly comprehensive, integrated curriculum. In Honors Neuroscience, we’ve been able to integrate our knowledge of biology, physics, and chemistry to form an understanding of neurological structures and membrane biophysics. Likewise, the concepts and various ontological paradigms we’ve all gleaned from Honors Ethics have enabled us to voice its applications in Neuroscience, engaging in fruitful conversation on C.S. Lewis’ arguments for human rationality and Burton’s neglection of the supremacy of mankind’s God-given rationality over nature. Moreover, my own love for Greek and Latin has sharpened my understanding of English, and has served as the basis of my understanding of some legal/government terminology. I see my Cambridge education as one that will benefit me from here on out.

What will you miss the most about Cambridge?

I most appreciate Cambridge’s holistic approach to education. At Cambridge, I’ve received an education that’s tailored towards the cultivation of wisdom and virtue, where I’m being challenged academically, but also fostered in character, and trained to live purposefully in service of God. With the combination of faith and learning, Cambridge has enabled me to see the true, good, and beautiful in every aspect of my education. This is invaluable to me. 

I will also miss being among some of the first graduating classes. Not many students get this unique opportunity. Being a member of Cambridge’s third graduating class has given me and the rest of my classmates the unique opportunity to actively be the leaders, founders, and pioneers of our school. Myself and some of my classmates have had the opportunity to be founding members of the debate team, the House system, and House leadership. We’ve been able to speak to prospective parents and students at open houses, perform music at school events, and I’ve been able to found the school magazine. I think this is really amazing. Being a member of one of the first couple graduating classes has enabled me and my classmates to be at the forefront of our education and the developers of our school culture. It’s definitely something that I find unique about my Cambridge experience. I wouldn’t have had some of these opportunities at any other school, which makes Cambridge special. 

What are you looking forward to at college? 

Everything! I’m excited about living on campus, making new friends and associations, participating in college traditions, and figuring out life on my own. I’m definitely looking forward to the array of extracurriculars/clubs and the plethora of college courses to explore. I’m most interested to see how my Cambridge education will benefit me at college. My parents have always told me that college will be less difficult for me than it was for them because I’ve gone to Cambridge and have received such a rigorous, high-end education. I hope they’re right. They typically are. But, I’ll find out!

What interests will you be pursuing during your college experience?

I hope to explore all that my college has to offer. It helps that the college I’m attending has a strong commitment to the liberal arts. It’s well-known for the Social Sciences, Classics and Woodrow Wilson major, all of which I’m considering.