Alumni Spotlight: Samuel & Jasmine Gingrich

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At Cambridge, we proudly showcase the remarkable journeys and achievements of graduates who have emerged from the halls of our beloved institution. In this edition of Alumni Spotlight, Samuel & Jasmine Gingrich, two of our distinguished former students, will update our community about their lives post-graduation.

Dear Cambridge family,

Jasmine attended Gordon College as a part of the Global Honors Program where she studied Communication Arts with a minor in Theatre Art. Samuel attended the University of California Berkeley where he studied Cognitive Science with a minor in Data Science. We graduated and got married in December 2022. We have since then moved to Oakland, California.

Between graduating, moving in together far away from what’s familiar, and looking for new jobs, 2023 was a year of immense growth and change for each of us. As we settled into our new town and home, we both quickly found various part time jobs. The first few months were difficult but deeply foundational not only for our relationship to each other but to others; we learned how to ask for help and when to open our homes to those around us. This period also gave us time to carefully consider the next steps for our careers and lives.

Transparently, we did not expect to live in Oakland for this long, but it’s been about a year since we moved here and we are loving it. Samuel now works as a market research assistant at Peerless Insights in San Francisco and Jasmine works remotely in communications and design for Gordon College (helping out with anything classical school related!) and a few other companies. We’re actively involved at our church, Resurrection Oakland. We help out with the youth group and other Sunday operations. We also started hosting a community group, which has been one of the highlights of our weeks. We are grateful for the friendships and mentorships we’ve formed.

In our time here, we have had a few Cambridge friends visit and we’ve gotten to see some of them as we’ve traveled around the state. While our support systems have of course expanded since Cambridge, we cherish the time with these people who have known and seen both of us since we were younger. In all of life’s uncertainties and anxieties, they remind us to slow down and examine life’s beauty. They remind us that our education is so much more than a stepping stone to what comes next; it was a transformative experience. Our time at Cambridge shaped us to be lifelong learners, to seek what is good, and to serve the city and our neighbors.

Best wishes,

Samuel & Jasmine