Griffin Athletics

Foundations for Griffin Athletics

At The Cambridge School we are committed to a Biblical Anthropology that understands as human beings we bear God’s image. We are composite beings—unions of soul and body. As such, we believe that the training our physical body is an essential component to a holistic approach to human development. In the Classical Tradition this commitment to Physical education and development was called “gymnastic.”

Our athletic program begins long before our students ever step into the arena of athletic competition through one of our school-sponsored sport teams. Beginning in kindergarten, our Physical Education program focuses on overall physical fitness through developing gross motor skills such as balance, coordination, speed, agility, flexibility, strength, power, quickness, and overall endurance. The Cambridge School partners with specialists in the field of Physical Education that employ time-tested strategies and cutting edge research to maximize athletic development. This program is designed with age appropriate goals and is delivered by instructors who understand that all children do not possess uniform athletic potential. Therefore, the program, while rigorous and challenging, includes fun games and competitions in an atmosphere of loving support for each child. As children progress through our Grammar School towards Logic School (Middle School) we scaffold our Physical Education program to further develop the athletic potential in each student.

“Gymnastic…should begin in the early years; the training in it should be careful and should continue through life.” Plato, Republic III

Our Athletics Mission

The Cambridge Athletic Department exists to help fulfill the mission of the school by cultivating wisdom and virtue through service to God and neighbor on the athletic field.

Logic School (Middle School) Athletics

Athletics serve as a forum for the test and exercise of virtue in the world. As an intense competition limited in duration, an athletic contest serves as a test of character, mind and body, exposing both weaknesses and strengths. Participation in athletics produces a host of benefits, including physical fitness, emotional health, mental stamina, growth in leadership and teamwork, and improvements in strength and endurance. (A Place for Sparta in Athens: A Philosophy of Athletics in Classical Education)
Griffin Athletic Teams compete in the Independent Middle School League (IMSL).


Boys and Girls Cross Country

Boys Volleyball

Co-ed Flag Football


Boys and Girls Basketball


Boys and Girls Track and Field

Girls Volleyball

Over the years we have been very competitive in IMSL and CIF competition securing the league championship through a handful of our athletic teams. We have been invited to regional tournaments achieved high accolades amongst tough competitors from all around southern California.  And, while we celebrate the success that we have enjoyed in our athletic program we continue to champion our program’s stated values of: success and excellence. We define “success” as maximizing the potential of each of our athletes and teams that enter into inter-scholastic competition. So, success may translate as a loss or a victory. However, if in fact it was our best effort we will celebrate the outcome with Griffin pride. We define “excellence” by well-managed teams and by coaches who are spiritually and emotionally investing in the lives of our athletes. We view Griffin Athletics as an opportunity for Christian discipleship and equipping our athletes to live out their faith in the midst of competition. We believe athletics provides a unique opportunity for spiritual growth.