The Mission of The Cambridge School

The Cambridge School seeks to provide a distinctly Christian education in the classical tradition which equips students to know, love, and practice that which is true, good, and beautiful and thus prepares them to live purposefully and intelligently in service of God and neighbor.

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Our Founder & Head of School

Jean Kim, Founder and Head of School
“Like you, I was looking for a place that would partner with me as a parent to help my children thrive and flourish intellectually, spiritually, relationally, physically and emotionally.”Jean Chung Kim, Founder & Head of School
The 3 Catalysts for Starting The Cambridge School

Christian Classical Jr. Kinder* – 12th Grade

*Full Day Jr. Kindergarten Available

Where we came from &
Where we are headed

The Catalysts

Having attended an elite independent school and then Yale and having been an educator her entire professional life, Jean Kim was a parent looking for an education that would teach children how to think and not just what to think. She could not find a single school that was doing this well.

Campus Expansion

Humble Beginnings

The historic liberal arts model of education—an education that was both classical AND Christian from inception to daily expression—captured her imagination. And by God’s grace and through the tremendous efforts of an incredibly passionate, mission-driven community of board, faculty, and parents, The Cambridge School opened its doors to 9 students in Kindergarten Prep through 1st grade in the Fall of 2006 in a few rented rooms.

Campus Expansion

Growth & God’s Faithfulness

Building this school has been an exercise in patience and delayed gratification; we have built the school slowly, deliberately, and solidly so that we might reap the rich rewards of seeing our students grow to think well and live wisely.

Campus Expansion

A Bright Future

We are thrilled indeed to see the fruits of our collective labors and God’s grace in the kinds of students we have and the community we’ve fostered and strive to cultivate for years to come.

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“You can’t manufacture a community like this; it has to be cultivated”

Classical Christian Education

Grammar Stage

Grades Jr.K-6th

The primary goal for our Grammar school is to build foundations with great intentionality, cultivate wonder for the beauty and order of God and His creation, and delight in the true, good, and beautiful. Every aspect of the student and families’ educational experience has been intentionally cultivated over time and refined every year.

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Logic Stage

Grades 7th & 8th

When children become naturally argumentative, the Logic stage teaches students to engage in debate and discussions thoughtfully and charitably. Students are taught Socratically and are trained in Informal and Formal Logic. This Logical training spans all disciplines and is cultivated in tandem with humility, charity, and virtue.

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Rhetoric Stage

Grades 9th-12th

The culmination of a slow and intentional education, the Rhetoric stage introduces greater nuance and further complication to the foundational skills gained in the previous stages. This Rhetorically oriented education strives to cultivate students who are fluent in multiple literacies and equipped to thoughtfully dialogue with the many competing voices around them.

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Mission | Vision | Values

Committed to a robust anthropology, Cambridge endeavors to teach the whole student through embodied learning experiences and a sensitivity for the complexity of human nature: its dignity as well as its frailty. While we pursue academics vigorously, we recognize that people are more than their knowledge, and we intentionally concern ourselves with the maturation of character. Learning isn’t merely about the what, but also about the who.

Faculty & Staff

Teachers who delight in knowing your students as well as they know their subjects

Living Curriculum

We believe in the enormous influence of teachers. “Living Curriculum Teachers,” as we call them, are not just Christians, but mature, growing, passionate followers of Christ who desire to make a spiritual as well as academic impact.

Fully Integrated

Our teachers understand that biblical integration and academic excellence are inseparable. They see teaching as a high calling and are animated by the promise of Christian Classicism. Our Teachers are people who inspire students to be passionate about pleasing God with their lives and gifts.

Contagious Passion

Our teachers search for the best in students. They see healthy relationships with students as foundational to having meaningful influence. They believe in creating a nurturing environment, a place where every student has the opportunity to flourish.

What the Community is Saying About Us

“Cambridge beautifully and thoughtfully weds the pursuit of discipline and academic achievement. Our son receives all the attention he needs to learn, grow, and be challenged both morally and intellectually. We encouraged daily by the staff’s commitment and passion to our children and the school’s philosphy. We recommend Cambridge to all our neighbors and friends –and not just to those who are interested in private school. In short, Cambridge has a been a true blessing and has helped us become better parents.”
“It’s easy to be effusive about this school. Quite simply, my child is flourishing here and I see the excitement for learning in his classmates as well. My wife and I are both thrilled that every aspect of academics is centered around unwaivering biblical principles. I strongly recommend this school to parents who desire a solid biblical basis for their child’s life of learning.”Cambridge Parents
Jean Kim
Jean Kim
“Your students are an amazing strength. Anyone who comes here and watches them will be so impressed and want to send their children here or go back to school themselves.”
I’ve been to a lot of schools over the years, and all of them claim to have academic rigor, and after I’ve been here I will treat that claim with much more skepticism than I did in the past. You really have a pretty amazing program.
Before we came, we read, ‘Cambridge students love learning.’ We said, ‘yeah, yeah, sure they do…’ THEY DO.WASC Visiting Accreditation Committee

See Our Embodied Education In Action

We are excited to show you what this educational experience looks like. Meet our Living Curriculum teachers, interact with our vibrant students, and learn more about your family's place in this community of faith and learning.

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