Junior Kindergarten

Holistic Education

Acontinuous thread of developing skills and abilities in all areas of a child’s life (mind, body and soul) begins in the foundational Junior Kindergarten program and continues through 12th grade.

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Cultivating the Whole Child


Academic skills are taught in an engaging and developmentally appropriate manner. Chants, songs, and rhymes are used to help students in the learning process. Hands-on, group activities, and individual work are all used in the teaching process as the children learn to be students.


Research shows that physical activity helps improve academic and cognitive performance. Our Jr. Kinder program focuses on keeping the children active through free play time during recess, active movement throughout the day in the classroom, as well as structured time in our motor lab.


As the Jr. Kinder students are learning what it means to be a part of a group in the classroom, it is important for them to learn what is expected of them socially as well as what a virtuous life looks like. Students are taught what it means to love God and their neighbor. The student’s understanding of social and biblical expectations help them to have more meaningful relationships.


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