Senior Spotlight: Claudia Chen

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Join us in honoring the Class of 2020 as we celebrate their time at Cambridge which represents a culmination of hard work and dedication. We are so excited to see what the future holds for our graduating students who have been educated to think well, love rightly and live wisely. Send them your encouragement and support in the comments below, and share your congratulations with the Class of 2020 on their Kudoboard link.

Meet Claudia Chen. She began her Cambridge journey in 2016 as a freshman. While at Cambridge, she enjoyed trying new and different things as well as making close connections with her classmates and teachers. She’ll be heading off to UCLA in the fall. Go Bruins! 

What has been your favorite subject to study at Cambridge? Why?

Unpopular opinion, but Latin has been one of them. I only took it for two years, but I guess it posed a challenge to me; how much of one language could I learn in the short amount of time I had? I love languages, so somewhere in my second year, Latin became easily enjoyable. American Literature is also a top contender; there are lots of interesting topics and character dynamics encompassed in it, and I enjoyed both analyzing and simply enjoying the books we read.

What do you appreciate the most about your Cambridge education? 

I appreciate that it has allowed me to experience a myriad of things that, if left to my own devices, I would not have chosen to learn about. I don’t normally push myself out of my comfort zone, but in my four short years at Cambridge I have done many seemingly arduous but rewarding things, whether through the rigorous curriculum or different social events. And all of them have brought their own valuable life experiences.

What will you miss the most about Cambridge?

As I will be entering a pretty large campus, I will definitely miss the feeling of knowing everyone and being able to reach out to almost anyone, whether student or teacher. I will especially miss the close connection with teachers that Cambridge so uniquely fosters.

What are you looking forward to at college? 

Meeting new people, hanging out in the city, making friends for a lifetime, the list goes on. Oh, and especially the food! 

What interests will you be pursuing during your college experience?

Everything I love now—design, traveling, learning new languages, and socializing.