What We Did This Summer (2012-2013)

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Pano Before

God lavished His blessings on The Cambridge School this past summer. Student enrollment increased to well over 150, we launched the Upper School and the Logic phase of the classical curriculum. And to help us keep up with this expansion, God provided for and guided our move into a larger campus just off of Black Mountain Road. God continues to be faithful to us!

Pano After

summer-move For many years, and especially this last year, we had dreamed of a campus with plenty of playground space and no need for classroom and office trailers, enough room for a library, a music room, science and language labs, an art room, and an auditorium large enough to host school events and convocations. Late in the spring of 2012, God provided a campus that is less than one mile from our previous location. Last year’s dream has become this year’s reality by the grace of God.


Though it was an answer to prayer, this transition involved countless hours of hard work by many of us in the Cambridge community. In June, teachers and staff packed and labeled every book, every work of art, every desk, chair, and bookshelf. While everyone was busy packing, Business Manager Sean Giles was busy transforming the new campus into an exceptional place for learning. There was a lot of work to do, since the building had been vacant for the last five years. In fact, we were the last tenant of this very same building five years earlier—the first year of our school’s existence in which we occupied just a couple rooms of the same campus that we now fill completely!

Summer Classroom

Our new classrooms provide instruction areas with desks and chairs, along with plenty of carpeted space for reading areas, cubbies, bookshelves, and space to work on projects. We now also have a designated conference area for monthly board meetings, weekly administrative meetings, and a staging area for events. The two-story arched interior courtyard is one of the most beautiful places on the new campus, especially when students gather to sing hymns a cappella on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. This space was also the perfect location for the New Cambridge Parent Welcome Dinner, where we dined al fresco.

 The Cambridge School thanks God for the good gifts that He has poured out on our school through wonderful friends and families that have sacrificed their time, talents, and resources. Soli Deo Gloria!