Society of Classical Learning Recap

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SCL Alamo

The Alamo

This past June, several of the teachers along with a few of the administrative staff had the privilege of attending the Society of Classical Learning, a conference in San Antonio, Texas. At this annual conference, we had the opportunity to attend plenary seminars as well as several break-out sessions to listen and learn from talented, eloquent speakers. The conference allowed for us to rejuvenate our passion for Christian Classical Education and to grow in relationships with fellow colleagues.

The Cambridge School constantly invests in their teachers and asks them to continue as lifelong learners, an important trait that we also seek to instill within our students. By doing this, we become breathing testimonies for our students, applying an educational philosophy that is constantly lived out within the classrooms. The conference gave us an opportunity to reflect upon ourselves as educators and pour all that our minds and souls had absorbed back into our little scholars. It brought about a sweetness and gravity to the truth: “For to whom much has been given, much will also be required.” (Luke 12:48).


After listening to the eloquent speakers and learning from the plenary sessions, we were overwhelmed by the knowledge and eager to apply what we had learned.

Here are just a few take-aways that stood out:

Learning how to train the affections and how to teach not only to the mind but also to the senses through liturgy.

The importance of encouraging students to accept hardships as blessings (ie. Using each hurdle as an opportunity to show goodness unto others, glorify the Lord in our thoughts, and to edify each other through words).

The need for contemplation, reflection, and scholé throughout the week’s schedule.

SCL River walk

San Antonio River Walk

After each day of sessions, we were privileged to have quality time with coworkers over a good meal and a pleasant evening excursion around the River Walk. During this time, meaningful conversations and relationships were built between the educators and administrators that had attended.

Overall, the conference refreshed our passion for classical Christian education and reminded us of our purpose as educators called by God. We felt that it recharged our souls and reminded us to be worshippers of the true, good, and beautiful. We are so thankful to be given the opportunity and feel very blessed to be at a school that takes the time and resources to cultivate their teachers with unique, rich experiences.