Cambridge Staff Member Authors Children’s Book

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My Imagination Goes With Me by Cambridge Student Support Services Director, Krista Hahn

Exciting news for readers and storytellers alike! In May of 2018, our very own Mrs. Hahn of Student Support Services published a children’s book entitled, My Imagination Goes With Me… Mrs. Hahn collaborated with her colleague, Ms. Kara White, a local artist who illustrated the book. Mrs. Hahn says that she “was inspired to write this book because after nearly 20 years of working as a school psychologist in public education, I desperately wanted to encourage children to avoid their screens in favor of using their imagination.” Mrs. Hahn is a mother of two children and adds, “ As a parent, I have tried to instill in my daughters that a creative mind is never bored.” Mrs. Hahn cautions that “today’s youth are inundated with all things digital and prefer to spend hours in front of their phones rather than a good book.”  

Mrs. Hahn describes her book as “an adventure of the imagination.” The story is rich with alliteration, hyperboles, and vocabulary that is meant to be discussed, as well as descriptive verbs that can be used by the students in future writing assignments. Mrs. Hahn explains, “I wrote the book to be read aloud by an adult or older student so as to take the younger readers on a visual and auditory ‘journey’ with the turn of every page.” Kara White is a very talented artist who managed to capture exactly what was in Mrs. Hahn’s mind when she wrote the story. The art speaks for itself; it’s an absolute visual feast for the eyes! The children delight in finding the clever details on every page (e.g., braces on Nessy’s teeth and a mermaid’s “shell” phone, or the eye of Sasquatch hidden in the treehouse or Mama Sloth’s sleeping mask). Artistic details can be found throughout the book and add to the humor in the story. 

The book has a hard cover, with a dust jacket, full-color on thirty pages, and includes a blank page in the back where a child can use his or her imagination to create their own page. Mrs. Hahn hopes her book will inspire students’ creativity and reinforce the importance of books and storytelling. 

If you are interested in purchasing a signed copy, the book retails for $20. Please email orders to:

Happy Reading!