Jessica Thompson: What Makes Christian Parenting Christian

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Classical Collegium Series: Jessica Thompson

The Cambridge School Classical Collegium: Jessica ThompsonWhat makes Christian parenting distinctly Christian? More pointedly, what would make your parenting different from that of a moral athiest? When we witness to adults about our faith we’re careful to tell them that they can’t work their way into heaven, but is that the message we give our children? Do they know what the gospel is? Have they been dazzled by the love of Jesus? Or do they think Christianity is about being “nice” and making Jesus smile? Have they heard the message of the glorious gospel?

Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson

Jessica is a frequent conference speaker and author of several books including Give Them Grace, which she wrote with her mother, Elyse Fitzpatrick. Her heart is to see women, families, and children freed from the bondage of moralism and to live in the truth that in the gospel there is joyful freedom awaiting them.


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