The hills are alive with the Sound of Music at The Cambridge School

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Cambridge Students of all ages and grades participated in our production of Sound Of Music, April 21 & 22, 2017.

The Cambridge School Sound of MusicThis, our first endeavor of this scale in the recently renovated Great Hall, proved to be a rewarding experience for all those who participated.

It was a joy to observe our Cambridge community working together to bring this production to life. The students became enchanted by the timeless story and the dazzling score, while learning about the challenges of theater production and all that a well-executed performance entails. The entire team rallied together to apply wisdom, discipline and patience through this dramatic storytelling. Students encouraged and supported one another while problem-solving behind the scenes and exhibited a portrait of the virtuous Cambridge scholar serving in mind, body and spirit.

The Cambridge School Sound of MusicMany of us experienced this story through the iconic 1965 film, starring Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews. The real life story of the Trapp Family Singers has not lost any of its punch or relevance in the last 50 years. “The Sound of Music” is a musical metaphor illustrating a universal yearning for home, vigilance needed where darkness and oppression press in around us and the transformational power of music. Together, we witnessed the von Trapp family find courage and strength to choose what is good and true, demonstrating bravery against great odds.

The Cambridge School Sound of MusicOur production was uniquely adapted specifically for youth performers. The traditional version runs about 3 hours with intermission and includes additional characters and musical numbers. The cohesion and flow of story was not lost in the simplification of the production. This was especially evident as the youngest of little Griffins were able to sit through the production in its entirety, watching in wonder!

The Cambridge School Sound of MusicWe would like to send a special thanks to our production team, parent volunteers, student actors and stage crew, A1 Blinds, Carvin Audio, Richard Adkins/PGS Ink, San Diego Stage and Lighting, Calvin Christian High School, CYT, and The Cambridge School community for your support and encouragement.

To use God’s gifts to bring Him glory is the desire for our budding Cambridge Drama Program, and we look forward to its continued integration and growth in excellence.

Soli Deo Gloria
The Cambridge School Sound of Music