Cambridge Takes Home the Most Awards at the 2015 ACSI Math Olympics

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Cambridge Takes Home the Most Awards at the 2015 ACSI Math Olympics

At Cambridge, we don’t believe in teaching to the test. Our goal is to prepare students to live purposefully and intelligently in service of God and neighbor. So in each and every class, including math, we are teaching students for LIFE. Our Math Olympics preparation takes place in every classroom, every day, one lesson after another, as we work through the rigors of a solid Singapore math foundation in the lower school and move into the challenges of higher order math in the upper school. Our students are given many opportunities to hone their reasoning skills and sharpen their computation abilities through targeted lessons, thoughtful classwork, group discussions, focused homework, and concrete applications.

The students’ preparation for this year’s ACSI Math Olympics started before January, and in some cases even before the beginning of the school year in 2014. In reality, these students have been preparing for the Math Olympics for as long as they have been here at The Cambridge School because they have been taught according to distinctly classical pedagogical principles and practices. As such, they have learned how to logically think through complex reasoning problems while also simultaneously maintaining their speed and accuracy in the area of computation.
– Mr. Sansonetti

IMG_2757We are grateful for Mr. Sansonetti, who kindly gave his time and expertise to sponsor early morning review sessions, create a plethora of practice problems, and help students one-on-one. We are also grateful for every Cambridge teacher of math. At the Math Olympics, we saw the fruit of each one of them cultivating in their students a love of and enjoyment of math coupled with excellence in computation and reasoning.

The Cambridge School took more awards (and more 1st and 2nd place awards) than any other school present! Twenty-one out of the twenty-four students we sent placed and won ribbons and/or medals (medals were for not only being the top test taker in the group, but also for objectively scoring highly).

We want to praise God for our students’ mathematical gifts, praise them for their efforts to develop and steward those gifts well and thank our hardworking math teachers for helping develop a love for and facility with math!

Soli Deo Gloria