Building Longboats and Pillaging at School? 4th Grade Viking Day

Jacob GoodwilerAbout Us, Distinctives

151204-4th-Viking-Day-34151204-4th-Viking-Day-351516-VikingDayEven though our materials weren’t the same as those raiders long ago, our students learn that the life of a Viking wasn’t easy. The fourth grade classes concluded their current history unit on Friday with Viking Day. The day began by donning fur-lined costumes and horned helmets. The students labored to construct paper longboat and gathered around parents, who read tales from Norse mythology. The most celebrated (and perhaps the loudest) part of Viking day is when the students go i-viking. They used the silent assault tactics employed by the Vikings of old to “raid” the administrative offices of Mr. Yoder and upper school teacher, Mr. Hamilton. The entire class enjoyed taking Mr. Yoder hostage as much as Mr. Yoder enjoyed playing at being the captive. Weapons were employed to assure that the captives did not escape. After working up barbaric appetites the students enjoyed a hearty beef stew consumed exclusively with the use of knives, in true Viking fashion.

“Making longboats is hard work,” Kyle said, as he folded the paper to complete his craft longboat.