Alumni Spotlight: Beth Potwardowski

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At Cambridge, we proudly showcase the remarkable journeys and achievements of graduates who have emerged from the halls of our beloved institution. In this edition of Alumni Spotlight, Beth Potwardowski, one of our distinguished former students, will update our community about her life post-graduation.

Dear Cambridge family,

Since graduating from Hillsdale in May with a BS in Biology, I’ve been studying for the MCAT and working as a Certified Nursing Assistant while applying to podiatry school. My time at Hillsdale absolutely flew by, but I am incredibly grateful for the classes, professors, and friendships that made the challenges and experiences so worthwhile. 

Even though it does not seem like four years have passed, since I finished my time at Cambridge, the lessons I learned and experiences I gained shaped my time at Hillsdale in an incredibly formative way. When planning for events as a resident assistant, I found myself trusting the PPG process Mr. Baber drilled into us during house leadership. Applying and interviewing for our school’s community health volunteer program leader position reminded me of the value in showing God’s love for others through the ministerium projects in grammar school at Feeding America up to senior year during the infamous campus clean house event. Even as a senior class officer this past year, I leaned on the ideas and modes of communication we discussed in rhetoric to form a proposal for our College President to invite Bishop Robert Barron, a prominent leader in the Catholic community, as our commencement speaker. Though I certainly cannot remember every history card from the early Cambridge days, my journey within that decade shaped me in far greater ways into the woman I am today.  

While all these benefits from Cambridge help me gain the most out of my college experience at Hillsdale, the greatest way Cambridge shaped my life is through helping form my values and the way I thoughtfully consider important decisions. Whenever I felt uncertain about anything from planning an academic schedule, navigating a difficult interpersonal issue, or applying for leadership positions, I found myself asking, “through this choice, what kind of person will I become”. This set of ideals came from the love of truth, virtue, and goodness I learned at Cambridge, and still carry with me today. I am applying to podiatry school with the hopes of starting in the Fall of 2024 and look forward to taking my love of learning to new challenges within the rigorous curriculum and an ethical perspective that places the highest value on upholding human dignity by providing excellent care.

Best wishes,