Do you find yourself asking

What kind of person do I want my child to be?

What is the end goal of my child’s education?

Is my child reaching their full potential?

Does my child’s teacher truly know my child?

Is this all that education is meant to be?

What happens after my child gets into college?

You are asking the right questions.

The Search.

Finding a school where your child can flourish can too often seem an impossible task. We all want an environment where our children are known by their teachers as individual learners and are supported by a community of likeminded families with the same hopes for an upcoming generation marked as much by their intellect and ability as they are by their wisdom and virtue.

Like you, our founder, Jean Kim, was asking the same questions.

"Like you, I was looking for a place that would partner with me as a parent to help my children thrive and flourish intellectually, spiritually, relationally, physically and emotionally."

A Place to Flourish

Transitioning to Cambridge.

Although classical education has been around for millennia, it is a fairly new phenomenon in the modern educational marketplace. After a tour, many parents are eager to apply, but ask, “How will my student catch up in things like Latin, Grammar, and Singapore Math if he or she hasn’t started from the beginning?”

Ensuring a Smooth Transition:

A Cambridge Education is particular. It is vertically aligned, rhetorically oriented, and distinctive. New learning for each year is built on the former knowledge and skills gained in the grade prior. Entering mid-stream is not impossible, but there are specific ways to make the process positive for your student and your family. We encourage to you apply early in order to meet first round application deadlines. Having your admission decision by early spring leaves your student, especially those applying for 4th grade and up, with plenty of time and opportunities to transition successfully.

Summer Academy:

During the summer prior to matriculation, the student will complete the following:

  • Attend Cambridge Summer Academy
  • These week-long intensive classes are taught by Cambridge faculty who specialize in Singapore Math instruction, Latin, Grammar, Upper School Math, and Speech and Debate.
  • Complete the carefully selected at-home packet provided after enrollment
  • Complete any faculty assigned summer work


Once the school year has begun, we offer group tutoring, individual tutoring, and peer tutoring for students requiring additional support. Our highly skilled teachers will monitor student progress and make recommendations in order to ensure that each student is supported in this new educational endeavor. We hope that a transition to Cambridge is a carefully thought out decision for your family and one that is considered with ample time to take advantage of the scaffolding offered lateral entry students to adjust academically and culturally.


If you are applying for the following grades please be mindful of the following prerequisites and preferences.

7th Grade:
  • Attend Cambridge Summer Academy
  • Preferred – Latin Instruction
  • Preferred – Formal English Grammar Instruction

8th Grade:
  • Attend Cambridge Summer Academy
  • Algebra 1 or Equivalent – to be assessed in person by our Math faculty
  • Preferred – Latin Instruction
  • Preferred – Informal Logic

9th Grade:
  • Attend Cambridge Summer Academy
  • Geometry (Must show transcript) – to be assessed in person by our Math faculty
  • Preferred – Latin – 2 years of high school level instruction
  • Preferred – Logic Instruction

Meet Ivy.

Meet Ivy

Wondering What The Lateral Entry Process Is Like At Cambridge?

Ivy is the mother of 3 students here at The Cambridge School. She has a Kindergarten student, a 6th grader, and 9th grader. Ivy and her family just moved to San Diego from Illinois 3 months ago. They are new to Cambridge and have experienced the ‘Lateral Entry’ process with their older students. I sat down with Ivy to hear her Cambridge story. Here is what Ivy had to say.
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Learn More about the Lateral Entry Process

Our Commitment

The admissions committee handles each family’s application(s) with great care. We desire to help your child and all of the students at The Cambridge School to thrive. To that end, the application process is designed to help the committee understand your child’s ability, motivation, and character and to more accurately identify and admit students from families who have educational convictions similar to those upheld by the school. If you have any questions please contact us.

Contact the Admissions Office.

To begin the admissions process, please complete our online application listed above.

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