A Teenager Who Thinks Superheroes Are Found At School? | Lucas’ Story

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Welcome to the CAMBRIDGE COLLOQUY, our most recent blog series at The Cambridge School.




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Simple conversations are often the catalysts for great stories. Words shared are symbolic of lives shared. The Cambridge Colloquy is our way of saying, “Come, let’s share the stories of our values, our school and our lives together.” We hope that you will be inspired and want to enter into the story as well.


Meet Lucas. Lucas is a Rhetoric student at The Cambridge School. He is a part of our trailblazing 10th grade class that fearlessly leads the charge toward a fully built out K-Prep through 12th grade classical school. His class is the first to complete Grammar School, pioneer Logic School and beautifully meet the academic challenges of Rhetoric School.

I sat down with Lucas to hear about his story at Cambridge. Here is what Lucas had to say.


Me: Lucas, how long have you been a Cambridge Student?

Lucas: My first year was 2007. So, this is 8 years.

Me: Which subject currently interests you the most and why?

Lucas: That’s really hard to answer. I like all of my subjects. The trend over the years has been…everything!

Me: Are you working on any interesting projects right now in your classes?

Lucas: Photography class is interesting in general. We do smaller scale projects, less of a large project, but trying to take each photograph well enough is hard in and of itself. Our teacher, Mr. Dong, created a macro shot of a flower. We were asked to replicate it. Mr. Dong mapped out where he took the picture, marked his positioning on the ground with tape to show right where he stood. I still can’t find that flower!




Me: Okay, Lucas, where do you see yourself in 25 years?

Lucas: Possibly back teaching here at Cambridge.







Me: What do you do when you are not at school?

Lucas: Most of the time it’s homework, riding bike, watching TV or Cambridge Athletics. This year I am doing Cross-Country and I am also doing Basketball. I guess you could say that photography is a hobby of mine.

Me: I know you and your dad ride bikes a lot together. Have you done any long bike trips with your dad?

Lucas: Yes, actually, we’ve done a lot of rides together. We have been on two “Port to Port to Port to Port” tours. We take the train up to San Clemente and eat dinner at Pizza Port up there and then ride down to Dana Point. We spend the night on a friend’s boat. We leave from Dana Point and we bike all the way back to Ocean Beach, stopping in Carlsbad, Solana Beach and finally Ocean Beach for dinner. We end up back at another Pizza Port. All the stops are Pizza Port restaurants. For my dad’s birthday this year, on July 4th, we went on a 50 mile bike ride. We actually rode the same course as a regularly planned bike race, but made it our own.

Me: Okay, Lucas, where do you see yourself in 25 years?

Lucas: Possibly back teaching here at Cambridge.

Me: If you could sum up Cambridge in one word, what would it be?

Lucas: What about two?

Me: Okay, go for it!

Lucas: Academically rigorous.

Me: So, last question, in your opinion who is the greatest superhero of all time?

Lucas:  Do you mean in general or at this school?

Me: Oh, is there one at The Cambridge School?

Lucas: I would honestly say Mrs. Kim; the drive that she had to start this school is impressive. And, we only occasionally get to hear how hard it was to actually start Cambridge. I heard from our former pastor’s wife and others that they wanted to start a classical school and they weren’t able to do it. So, Mrs. Kim, being able to start this school, as hard as it was, makes her a hero.