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Meet Ivy. Ivy is the mother of 3 students here at The Cambridge School. She has a Kindergarten student, a 6th grader, and 9th grader. Ivy and her family just moved to San Diego from Illinois 3 months ago. They are new to Cambridge and have experienced the ‘Lateral Entry’ process with their older students. I sat down with Ivy to hear her  Cambridge story. Here is what Ivy had to say.


Me: How long has your family been at Cambridge?

Ivy: We have been here for 3 months. We came from Naperville, IL. Our kids were at a classical Christian school in Illinois.


Me: What has the transition to Cambridge been like for your family?

Ivy: It has been surprisingly easy. I thought it would be very difficult. The most difficult part for my older kids has been the shift in academic rigor. Cambridge is more academically advanced than their last school. There have been a few adjustments for them, especially in Latin and Math. The transition to Cambridge was so easy because people made us feel so welcomed. Even before we got to San Diego, families were emailing us and reaching out to us. Being without friends and relatives in this area, people welcoming us into the Cambridge family was such a big help. I really feel like Cambridge is our community.


Me: Do your older children feel supported as lateral entry students?


Ivy: Yes, they do feel supported. They have had tutoring, catch up clubs, and the teachers have been in touch with us and with the kids about what they need to do to get up to speed. The teachers give our kids study aids and direction. Mr. Hamilton, the Logic and Rhetoric School Latin teacher, gave my oldest daughter last year’s textbook so that she could use it to help get caught up with her class. I feel like the teachers have really given them grace.

I loved our first parent teacher conference with Ms. Mc Christian, the 6th grade lead teacher. She didn’t even discuss grades. She talked about whether or not our daughter was doing what she was supposed to be doing in class, whether or not she was putting in her best effort, and what her attitude was about school. I thought that was really great.




Me: Which subject has your Rhetoric student been enjoying most at Cambridge?

Ivy: She is excited about and loves math. She is loving history; which she used to hate. She has hated it all her life. She said to me recently, “Mommy, I am really starting to like history!” I think that thanks go to Mrs. Kennedy, Rhetoric School history teacher. Something is happening in the way they discuss history in class here that is actually helping her to enjoy history for the first time.


My youngest wasn’t feeling the best one morning and I told him that he could stay home and get some rest. He said, “No, mommy, I can rest on Saturday. I don’t want to miss school!”




Me: What have your Kindergarten and 6th grade students been enjoying the most about Cambridge?


Ivy: I thought that my Kindergarten student would be bored because he started the year as a reader, not just an emerging reader. For some reason the way that Mrs. Chung, lead Kindergarten teacher, conducts class, he is not bored at all! He loves his teacher. He has good friends.

My youngest wasn’t feeling the best one morning and I told him that he could stay home and get some rest. He said, “No, mommy, I can rest on Saturday. I don’t want to miss school!”

My 6th grader didn’t really want to come here. She wanted to go to a Montessori school. God, in His providence, didn’t let me find out that there was a Montessori school that went up to 8th grade in our neighborhood until after we enrolled. Now, she is so grateful to be here. She was ill one night and the next morning I told her that she could sleep in and I would bring her to school later. She said, “No, Mommy. I don’t want to stay home. I love going to school.”

I don’t know what it is, but my kids love being here.


Me: If you could sum up Cambridge in one word, what would it be?

Ivy: The first word that comes to mind is: AWESOME! It has been a blessing to have found this school.

What drew us to Cambridge, besides the classical education, was the Christian distinction. It is great to get to know other Christian families and that we all have a common desire for the kids to be close to the Lord and to have good character.

We are glad that we are here.



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