The Cambridge School
Guide to Reopening

The Cambridge School is prepared to provide our students with an education that is uniquely classical and Christian in the 2020-2021 school year.  While in the midst of a pandemic with changing metrics of infection rates and almost constantly moving targets of guidelines and mandates from local and state governments, we have developed a plan that will allow for the continuity of a Cambridge education in grades Jr. Kindergarten - 12th throughout the duration of the 2020-2021 school year, no matter what comes.  We will not waiver in our commitment to an education that does not merely inform, but also forms students in wisdom and virtue, and steadfastly prepares them for a life of service to God and neighbor.


Reopening Plan Summary of Teaching Modes

  • I. All students on Campus with Regular Safety Precautions

  • II. All Students on Campus with Enhanced Safety Precautions

  • III: Grades Jr. Kindergarten–8 on Campus Full-Time | Grades 9–12 Hybrid Schedule

  • IV. Jr. Kindergarten on Campus | Schoolwide Distance Learning for Kindergarten - 12th Grade

Updates and Resources

Cambridge Community Updates