How to (Re)Tie a Pre-Tied Children’s Neck Tie [Video]

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How to Tie a Children’s Tie


Helpful instructions for: Retying an undone tie, Tying a DIY children’s tie, or Lengthening an outgrown tie

Every year there are a handful of pre-tied student ties that come undone or are taken apart by the children or their parents. These ties are much easier to undo than to re-tie. So, every year, after Grandparents’ Day or the Annual Christmas Program, a few undone ties find their way to the front office.

After retying a handful this year, we decided to make a quick tutorial video for parents in our community, and the online community at large.

Whether you are retying a uniform tie or wanting to modify some of dad’s old ties into child-sized ones, we hope these instructions are helpful. Best of Luck!





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Gather Your Materials

Overlap the Sections at the Crease

Fold the Short End Over the Collar Strap

Cross the Long End Over the Short End

Fold the Long End Behind the Knot at an Angle

Cross it Back Over the Front of the Knot

And Again Behind the Knot Below the Collar Strap

Back Over the Front of the Knot

Flip the Tie Over

Tuck the Long End Through the Front of the Knot

Tighten the Knot

Tuck the Short End Through the Tag

The End

Optional Step

Stitch a small knot, attaching the back of the outer knot to the small inner knot. This will keep it from loosening, and allow you to easily cut it and lengthen the tie and your child grows!