The Cambridge School seeks to provide a distinct Kindergarten program, which offers families a platform for an educational journey that teaches the whole student. The teachers at The Cambridge School invest not only in the students’ minds, but in the formation of their hearts and souls as well. This is done in an effort to form the students’ affections towards things that are true, good and beautiful and prepares them for their future at Cambridge and their future to influence the world.

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Kindergarten Prep, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade Preview Events

January 10th or April 20th, 2017 @ 8am

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• See what Classical Education looks like in these foundational grades
• See how our rich Anthropology influences every aspect of our teaching
• Hear about the mission and vision of The Cambridge School
• Visit our K-Prep, Kindergarten, and 1st grade classrooms and learn more about the unique and intentional programs like our motor lab
• Meet our nurturing and passionate, "living curriculum" teachers
• Visit with current and future Cambridge parents
• Have your questions answered by the teachers and Administration
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Cambridge is concerned with the whole being of the student for two distinct reasons. First, the faculty and staff acknowledge imago dei; that each student is made wonderfully and beautifully in the image of God. Second, Cambridge has a unique understanding of where their students are going. Our goals for the students extend beyond their college attendance or workplace choices, but additionally include goals for their time amongst our halls. We understand that the Kindergartners are headed toward the Logic and Rhetoric stages of their classical education; therefore, we have purposeful environments to assist them on their way to those next stages.

Heart & Soul

In Antiquity the classical rhetors and Sophists understood that the art of rhetoric and the skill of rhetoric was one that inherently included the whole being of the rhetor. Because of this, a great emphasis was put on the mind, heart and soul of the rhetor. As we are participating in a resurgence of these ancient philosophies, we understand how these principles trickle down into the Kindergarten classroom. Therefore we have created a unique curriculum which constantly keeps these things in mind.

We understand that we are teaching content and character. We are teaching mind and soul. We are teaching memory and remembrance. We are teaching truth and beauty. We are teaching leadership and service. We are teaching love of God and neighbor. By doing this we are bringing things together that are often left separated. By doing this we see that when these things do come together, they are able to not only take root, but bear sweet fruit as well. And by doing this we see our students thrive in an environment that provides nourishment to their souls, truths for their hearts and goodness for their minds.

Starting with the End in Mind

The Cambridge School purposes to graduate wise and virtuous scholars who are defined by the Portrait of a Graduate. Thus, the education at Cambridge begins with that end in mind. The destination is set and the journey is long and rigorous. Our goal is to set a course in the right direction at the beginning so that the journey is filled with joy and a real sense of accomplishment as they reach the destination.

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We are excited to show you what this educational experience looks like. Meet our Living Curriculum teachers, interact with our vibrant students, and learn more about your family's place in this community of faith and learning.